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About us

We are passionate about software development, design and project management. It is our mission to deliver the best imaginable client experience through experienced and enthusiastic experts.

Digital development

It’s what we do every day.

Our people are constantly learning and keeping pace with current trends and practices and share this with our clients and their project teams. That is why we have the facilities for our teams to refine and enhance their skills through opportunities for training and personal development.

Quality and flexibility

It’s core to our approach

Quality is central to everything we do at Digital Aptech. This is one of our founding principles from our very first day. We believe that this focus on maintaining the highest quality is our core to our ability to help you scale and build your business.

Our aim is to provide you the resources you need to grow your business.

Technical Capability, Project Management, Creative and Design, Game and Application Development, fulfillment, we can provide advice, support, and the means to create your online requirement, in a more timely and cost-efficient manner.

Technical experts

All our technical resources are pre-qualified experts with 3-5 years’ experience and ready for your instruction.

Secure remote working

Our remote teams operate as the dedicated resource for any business wanting to design and development a website or software solution. To ensure your project stays secure and protected we use the latest security and technology solutions for all of our remote developments.

Scalable resources

Scale resources up or down as the needs of your business changes.

Website design

Modern website design require experience and planning to create an experience that meets best practice and creates the right user experience.

Website development

Website development and technology is moving fast you need access to a responsive team that can help you keep pace, we ensure that all of our developers are experienced and up to date with the latest best practice to ensure the quality of delivery.


It does not stop with website design and development - Ongoing Maintenance can be a burden if not planned carefully, we implement regular preventative practices to ensure your solutions operate efficiently by Managing the maintenance requirement with you.


Tim Henstock

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Forever in sales development and originally from a technology background, Tim has honed his account development and consultative approach to customers in the Public and Private Sectors, including the banking sector, utilities, logistics, and retail. Developing new and exciting ideas for customers, with exceptional customer communication, Tim is at the forefront of the business talking and developing business relationships. In his downtime, when not with his family, his hobbies include, traveling the world, photography, and more recently, Painting.


Rajiv Ghosh

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Founder and CEO of the Digital Aptech Pvt India, Rajiv has built the business in India and developed the best talent to deliver his focus on being Customer Obsessed. An Award-Winning Digital Agency, Rajiv has worked within all aspects of the business and to this day continually looks at improving how our customer-centric teams deliver. Dedicated to ensuring we deliver what we promise, Rajiv also has expanded the business into other geographical areas to help other business and agencies increase their capabilities.

Operations Director

Rajat Kodali

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A dedicated and consistent project manager who leads all our core development projects, Rajat brings leadership and statistical skills to the table. With a background in management, software engineering, e-commerce, and web development. As our project lead, he aids the planning, development, and execution of all core projects for customers. Responsible directly to customers, he builds rapport and strongly develops those relationships so desired. Outside of work, Rajat enjoys his time traveling, developing an acute business mind by reading the latest business books, and spending time with his family trying all-new flavors and tastes from cuisines from around the world.


Alex Clifford

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With more than 20 years’ experience working in the digital industry, Alex has worked all over the world developing digital solutions for B2B and B2C businesses across a wide variety of industries. He has always believed in the power of a consistent and compelling customer journey, within an integrated approach focused on the users’ needs and requirements to support successful integrated digital engagement and transformation driven business success. Alex is an experienced digital consultant with a future-focused approach, helping businesses develop the wider picture, for the digital strategy, vision, and roadmap to achieve their next level of digital growth.

Our team of highly motivated professionals with years of technical, business, creative, and project experience has garnered a wealth of technical provision to support you and your clients.