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    Do you want to achieve improved business operations and task delivery management? With Digital Aptech’s team of highly experienced and qualified DevOps engineers, your business can easily automate and streamline the development process and ensure faster and smoother task automation while removing operational inefficiencies.

    Our specialised DevOps experts allow businesses to easily bridge the gap between operations, development and quality while following world-class DevOps practices. We use top DevOps tools, strategies and processes to let businesses streamline and accelerate their software development, delivery and operations.

    These are the top DevOps services that we offer

    Starts From £12/hour

    DevOps Consulting

    With our DevOps consulting services, you can now improve the quality of software development and ensure faster and hassle-free release of products. Begin your transition to DevOps with world-class DevOps consulting services from Digital Aptech. Our team will conduct an in-depth analysis to understand your business requirements and workflow and guide you through the DevOps process with world-class practices and technologies to let your business achieve seamless operations.

    Azure DevOps Solutions

    Now you can develop world-class applications by efficiently leveraging Azure DevOps. By harnessing the potential of this delivery platform, your business can ensure faster and hassle-free release at a budget-friendly price. At Digital Aptech, our skilled and qualified engineers will create Azure interfaces that will function across multiple platforms.
    Starts From £12/hour
    Starts From £12/hour

    AWS DevOps Solutions

    Automate product development cycle, increase the pace of product release, rake up the speed of operations and ensure higher efficiency, all at a reduced cost by incorporating top-notch AWS DevOps solutions from Digital Aptech. Our team comprises highly experienced AWS DevOps engineers who come with the necessary skills to provide reliable, cost-effective and best-in-class AWS DevOps services and solutions that would ensure business automation and growth.

    Why Choose Digital Aptech?

    Best-in-Class Solutions

    Our team of DevOps engineers are professionals and specialists with years of experience in providing world-class DevOps solutions for businesses across various industry verticals. The engineers will first get a comprehensive idea of your business’s requirements and work with an individual approach to implement top-quality technologies and practices for the results that you are looking for.

    Outsourced Resources

    If you are looking to optimise and accelerate software development and delivery but do not have the necessary resources, you can rely on Digital Aptech for DevOps implementation. We come with a vast team of skilled DevOps specialists who have the suitable qualifications, expertise and access to technology to provide solutions for streamlining operations at a reduced cost

    Top-notch Security Integration

    While providing our DevOps services, the engineers of the team ensure superior security and compliance right from the early stage so that you get dependable services with the best results. This allows us to eliminate and reduce the chances of any potential defect so that your business can achieve the desired results at cost-effective rates.

    Want to Benefit from Faster Product Development and Deployment?

    Are you planning to increase operational efficiency with the automation of product development at a low budget? Then opt for reliable and cost-effective DevOps solutions from Digital Aptech. Hire qualified engineers to get end-to-end DevOps services for higher efficiency, reduced delivery time and fully automated business workflow.

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      Case studies


      An E-Commerce portal with 3 different apps for retail owners, delivery partners and users designed keeping their primary needs in mind.

      Kolkata Police

      Android and iOS apps deigned for the government to streamline Criminal Record System.


      A communication app designed for flawless connectivity between individuals and teams.


      A RealEstate listing site giving a clear view to all its potential users.


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      Yes we can. We are able to build apps for iOS and Android mobile platforms. We are also able to create apps that work across both platforms, which are known as Hybrid apps.
      Yes, at Digital ApTech we have experts that also specialise in web development to create seamless and effective web applications for our clients’ needs. To learn more, visit our web development page.
      As with most of our development solutions, the price can completely vary depending on various factors such as the platform, the size of the project, the complexity of it and more. We aim to make our apps bespoke and fit seamlessly into our client’s specific requirements, therefore each project is completely different. To gain a quote that is targeted to your specific requirements, contact us today.

      Our key areas of mobile app development expertise are vast, but some of the most common ones include: Educational apps, health and fitness apps, retail service apps, location-based and geo-fencing apps, e-commerce and marketplace apps, financial and money management apps, social networking apps, business apps, polls apps, reservation, ticketing and booking apps, calendar and events apps, mPOS (Point of sales) apps and more.

      Yes, the contract will be UK-based. You can also opt for an on-site/UK-based Project Manager for your projects.
      Yes, you can pay from any UK-based bank account for your projects.

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