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A Comparative Analysis of Dedicated Resource Model and Project Model

Dedicated Resource Model and Project Model are two popular business engagement models that Digital Aptech offers its clients. While both help businesses improve their productivity and meet operational requirements at a low budget, they are essentially different from each other. Don’t know which model to choose for your business? Well, check out a detailed rundown on DRM vs Project Model.

Dedicated Resource Model

Project Model

Project Scope

The project estimates as well as various specifics can be altered while the project is in progress

A well-documented SRS and work-cost estimation

Work Procedure

A transparent and efficient work model that lets you prioritise your preferences

The work procedure is chalked out by the project team as per their needs and convenience


Get the option to directly communicate with the resources you hire to get real-time and regular project updates

All communications take place via hierarchical channels while the mode is usually e-mails. Moreover, communications take place only when the team achieves a particular milestone


You get complete control on the project and the infrastructure you need

The project team will determine the infrastructure set up that is needed

Project Management

You get absolute authority on project planning , execution and delivery management. Assigned Project Manager will also be answering you

The Project Manager will manage and oversee the project development and execution


If required, your hired resources will work beyond the fixed 160 hours/month schedule to accelerate the delivery. The professionals will also finetune as needed

In case project volume goes up, chances are the delivery might be delayed. There might also be need of finetuning


You get the work delivered at fixed monthly basis billing. Get as many projects as you require within the fixed 160 hours/ month model with no additional cost

The costs remain fixed for fixed projects. There is no scope of any deductions and discounts


You have the option to set the frequency of receiving feedback.

Reports will be defined by particular project objective


Get incredible results with improved ROI and profitability

The results and ROI might be comparatively lower. There might be higher costs involved that can reduce overall savings