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    Web Development Experts

    At Digital Aptech we host a professional web development team that are all pre-qualified experts with 3-5 years’ experience to help you create a bespoke and functional site. As expert web developers we have the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to help you and your business grow. From designing, building and maintaining web applications, we have unrivalled services in creating the web experiences your customers require and streamlining their online journey. We understand that you need a website to not just be attractive, it needs to be engaging, functional and create the right user experience which is what we can achieve through cutting-edge technology.

    Starts From £10/hour

    WordPress Development

    WordPress helps power over 40% of websites on the internet, causing it to be a vital content management system. Here at Digital Aptech, we offer WordPress development services that are able to cater to your business and your specific needs to create a bespoke website or even improve your current one. We are able to bring your vision into fruition by working with our expert team of skilled WordPress developers to create responsive, functional, mobile-friendly and secure websites to reflect your brand identity and achieve your business goals.

    We are able to offer a range of WordPress development services which include:

    Some of Our Works


    BodyPrime is a physical fitness and wellness platform offering subscription-based online workout, strength and nutrition plans. The UK-based business approached Digital Aptech to develop an attractive, user-friendly website detailing the pricing, testimonials, offerings along with a secure and easy-to-use payment gateway integration for subscription payments.


    Power365 is a UK government-approved business specialising in installing EV charging stations at home and commercial spaces across various parts of the country. It approached Digital Aptech to create a clean and attractive website with easy-to-use interface allowing users to learn about their services and offering.


    Toronto-based business CondoHQ is an online property listing company that provides buyers a comprehensive list of high-end condos, townhouses and homes in the Greater Toronto Area. CondoHQ wanted to develop a responsive and visually appealing website where buyers would find top properties, their locations, floorplans, amenities, prices, etc. to make an informed investment decision.

    Magento Development

    Are you looking to create scalable and powerful e-commerce solutions that are able to meet the needs of your consumers? Look no further than our professional Magento development services. Magento is able to grow your e-commerce business as our Magento developers have access to a variety of tools with a scalable online operating junction which brings the best out of your website. Whether integrated with Drupal or WordPress, Magento e-commerce offers a powerful interface in addition to being compatible with SSL security. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique business needs and tailor our Magento services to meet those needs.

    As a leading Magento agency with certified Magento developers we are able to offer various Magento development services, such as:
    Starts From £12/hour

    Some of Our Works

    Motor Corner

    Motor Corner sells high-quality parts, wide range of accessories, luggages for two-wheelers. The business approached Digital Aptech to design and create a fully functional e-commerce website with attractive user interface, design, features and secure payment module integration.


    Plush Addict is a seller of a vast range of fabric, haberdashery and sewing items with an inventory of over a thousand items. The owner was in need of a fully functional website that would provide an attractive display of items, with an updated inventory management and easy order processing and returns tracking.


    Foody is an online business that sells organic, eco-friendly food items including chicken, fruits, vegetables, diary products, bakery items and others. The business wanted us to design, create and develop an e-commerce website with an updated listing of products and online payment integration where users can easily compare and purchase various organic products.
    Starts From £10/hour

    E-Commerce Development

    At Digital Aptech, we have designed our e-commerce development services to aid companies of all sorts of sizes in building a strong online presence and boosting their sales revenue. With our reliable long term partnership, we are able to provide 24/8 customer support and continuous maintenance on your e-commerce website. We host an expert team with extensive knowledge to help you create something bespoke, functional and effective. Our team is able to collaborate extensively with our clients to fully comprehend their business needs, target audience, and goals before developing specialised e-commerce solutions that meet the unique requirements.

    Our team is well equipped and certified to build E-Commerce platforms like magentoshopifyopencart woocommerceoscommerce and more!

    With our years of experience we have accumulated a group of highly skilled and qualified professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of the latest industry trends. As we bridge the gap between consumers and businesses, we offer powerful e-commerce solutions to drive your business growth, such as:

    Some of Our Works

    Tile & Carpet Centre

    Tile & Carpet Centre is a seller of a wide range of tiles, rugs, carpets, bathroom fitting items with a massive inventory. The business approached us to design and develop a feature-loaded website that would allow display of items for sale, easy order management, smooth and secure payment, store locating options and more.


    RMA is South Africa’s most prominent administrator of occupational injury claims made by individuals employed in iron, steel, mining, metal and other industries. The client contacted us to develop a website that would provide users various online facilities like claim submission, pre-authorisation of health care providers, earnings declaration submission, logs verification, etc.

    Trade Car Auctions

    Trade Car Auctions is an online platform which aims to connect car sellers with buyers to facilitate smooth and hassle-free buying and selling of pre-owned cars. The owner was in need of an interactive and visually attractive website listing cars on sale to help buyers make an informed decision.

    Brochure Website Development

    A brochure website is a website that mimics the look and feel of a traditional printed brochure. We are able to provide unrivalled brochure website development services at Digital Aptech which is designed to provide our clients with visually appealing and informative websites that effectively showcase the client’s products or services. In order to create modern, responsive, and user-friendly websites that are designed for desktops, tablets, and smartphones, we use the most recent design methods and web development tools. Our clients can expect to receive a high-quality brochure website that effectively and accurately communicates their message, portrays their brand and helps them achieve their business goals.


    Why Choose Digital Aptech?

    Outsourced Resources

    Are you looking to scale up your operations while keeping costs under control? Well, here at Digital Aptech we host a vast network of skilled and experienced developers who are able to provide outsourcing solutions for projects of every size and technicality. Our experts are skilled in a variety of platforms, programming languages, frameworks and more which enables us to match the appropriate developer to the particular requirements of each specific project. We have the tools and expertise to complete any project on schedule and within budget, whether it is a simple website or sophisticated and bespoke software solution.

    Unrivalled Quality

    When you work with us at Digital Aptech, you are guaranteed the utmost quality and you will be at ease in the hands of our highly skilled talent ready for your project. We have a wealth of experience across multiple technologies and sectors whilst being fully available during UK working hours, providing direct communication at all times so you can receive the best quality possible and remain up to date.

    Bespoke Approach

    When it comes to our work we take a bespoke approach to web development, tailoring our services to our clients unique requirements to an effective and personalised user experience that is practical, modern and scalable. We are able to scale resources as the needs of your business change. We make sure to get to know our clients’ needs, objectives and businesses to allow us to understand their unique requirements, opportunities and challenges to develop the most suitable website solution for them.

    Do you need help to grow and streamline your business today?

    Are you looking to take your business and online presence to the next level? We can build a website that not only satisfies your requirements but also surpasses them thanks to our experience and meticulous attention to detail. With our expertise and wealth of experience in development websites, we are able to create a powerful digital platform that will help you to connect with your audience at the click of a button and drive more traffic and sales to your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow and streamline your business with our effective web development services.

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      Case studies

      Rainbow Tourism Group Ltd.

      A website devoted to the hospitality sector, helping both locals and tourists explore the country better.

      Roster Import

      With time being one of the most valuable assets, RoasterImport is designed to enhance efficiency.

      Plush Addict

      A dynamic E-Commerce platform which caters to a large inventory while keeping it well organised.


      A niche E-Commerce Website designed keeping the brands journey in mind.


      Our hard work has been rewarded by several prestigious awards, some of which are:



      Web development is the development of creating a website for the internet. From creating a simple static page to something a lot more complex with apps, e-commerce, social network services and more. Web development can take many different forms and be altered to specific needs, requirements and businesses to streamline their online operations and portray a stronger online presence.

      As our website developments are fully customised and tailored to the client’s needs, it is hard to say a generic cost. Each business’ website is unique to them, it may have different features and it will be made to fit their brand, requirements and to help boost their sales or services. Therefore, it is better to get a specific cost of your individual needs, so get in contact with us today for a tailored quote.

      No, we are able to provide various web development services across various platforms and available skills, such as Magento, Joomla, Python, Shopify and more. WordPress is a very flexible, popular and supportive platform that is requested a lot by clients, which is why we are experts in WordPress website development services.

      We are able to provide direct communications through chat, email and phone systems to help you with your website. When we develop your website, we make sure it is scalable so we can meet the needs of your business changes. We implement regular preventative practices that ensure your solutions do operate efficiently in future by managing the maintenance requirement with you. You are always able to approach us whenever you may need our assistance in future.
      Yes, the contract will be UK-based. You can also opt for an on-site/UK-based Project Manager for your projects.
      Yes, you can pay from any UK-based bank account for your projects.

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